It's time to slow down and enjoy the best of horse racing. To forget for a while the misfortunes. To cover with the Carlos Pellegrini (G1) the anguish about the turf law, the cases of doping and internal disagreements.


It's suit and tie day to honor the best argentine race. Or to go to San Isidro in jeans and sneakers. It will be a Saturday that will be spoken of when times are history.


Carlos Pellegrini well could resurrect right now and look with joy the fine horses breeded here to resolve his tribute race. He would allow himself Don Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini Bevans to not think about the deficits of modern turf.

A thousand times it has been said that no one loses or wins until crossing that high wooden post which divides joy and sorrow. This Group 1 of 2018 has the horse that will go for their second Pellegrini, a jockey in search of their fifth and an ugly duck.

Sixties Song, Falero y Enjoy the Ride integrate the synthesis of the stories of such a captivatin competition.


San Isidro will burst in cheers if Sixties Song reaches ahead. It's a horse with novela, patriotic. Perhaps the only argentinean who runs with their own fans.


Falero is the different one. Came from Uruguay, but says everything was learned here.

There's no jockey alive who has won five Pellegrini. Pablo is seeking to be the first oneto shorten the differences with the great Legui. Will ride Sixties Song and together they can be magnificent. I'll bet two pesos to the binomial and if they win I promise not to collect the ticket. I will save it as a keepsake.

Hardly anyone would bet on Enjoy the Ride. Only trasure collectors will make the effort.

Losing six races, their presence it's justified by that nobody loses until the finish and the affection of an owner to their horse. Enjoy the ride.

There's another 16 stories to tell in each starting gate of the Pellegrini and many more adding the Anchorena (G1) and Unzue (G1).

Enjoy el Pellegrini. Take a friend. Make them a partner in adventures. Start celebrating christmas in San Isidro. Santa Claus will be there. If you want, bring the kids and write him a letter. Don't tell me what you are asking for. I can imagine.